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What To Expect If You're A New Pete's Paleo Customer

Why hello there! We’re so happy you found us.

In this post, you'll get details regarding...

  • What sets Pete's Paleo apart from other meal delivery services
  • Which meal plan is right for you
  • When to order your meals
  • What to expect when you get your meals (unboxing video!)
  • How to reheat your meals
  • How to thaw meals that you put in the freezer
  • A special offer for first time customers!

Why Pete's Paleo?

Pete’s Paleo offers ready-to-eat Paleo meals, but what sets us apart from the rest of the pack is that our meals are made with the highest quality, real food ingredients. In fact, the farm fresh vegetables we use are literally picked out of the ground just a few days before you get them in your meals! We don't make compromises on quality. That's not our style. Our meals don't sit in a freezer for weeks or months at a time before you get them. Instead, we cook our meals the SAME WEEK that you get them and they are delivered fresh, not frozen. How cool is that? 

Our Customers Include:

  • People who want to eat healthier but don’t know how to get started
  • Busy folks who don’t have time to prepare Paleo meals
  • People with gluten & dairy sensitivities
  • Athletes (e.g. CrossFitters, triathletes, runners, etc.)
  • Mothers-to-be or new moms
  • People who don’t like to cook or don’t want to cook

Which Meal Plan Should I Choose:

If you are interested in a pick and choose plan (or Keto, AIP Friendly and Low FODMAP options), please check out our Eat What You Love line!

Weekly Schedule:

MONDAY: Last day to order for that week’s delivery (order cut-off is midnight PST)
WEDNESDAY: Orders are shipped 
THURSDAY, FRIDAY or SATURDAY: Customers receive their orders (based on their location)

Pete’s Paleo is like your personal Paleo delivery chef.

✓ Plan ✓ Shop ✓ Cook ✓ Deliver

What to Expect:

Check out our unboxing video:

Inside the box are vacuum sealed meal trays. 

Each tray is one serving size, except for our Family Plan, which serves 4.

Vacuum-sealed trays not only keep the food fresh for 10 days in the fridge and for up to 6 months in the freezer, but also enhance the flavors of the meal!

 (Note: Orders with "Extra Protein" consist of 2 servings of protein and orders with "Extra Sides" consist of 3 servings of sides)

We already cooked the meals for you so all you have to do is reheat them!

There are 2 Ways to Reheat Your Meals:

  • MICROWAVE: Place the tray in the microwave for 2 minutes. The trays are food safe and BPA free. The film will bubble up and steam the food! You'll be able to easily peel off the film once it's done in the microwave.
  • SAUTÉ (recommended): Slice open the film from the tray (carefully) and sauté food in a heated pan. The film will not peel off if the tray has not been heated. If heating up seafood or leaner cuts of meat, add some stock, bacon fat, butter, ghee, or oil to the pan first. If heating up fattier cuts of meat, it’s not necessary to add anything to the pan.

Once you've heated up your meals, it's time to pull a Mrs. Doubtfire move and serve the gourmet meal you spent hours preparing onto a nice plate :)

If you want to extend your meals beyond 3 weeks, or if you order our frozen meals, stick the trays in the freezer and the food will stay good for up to six months. When you're ready to eat them, you can defrost them in 2 ways:

  • Put them in the fridge the night before you want to eat them
  • Fill up a bowl with luke warm water and submerge the vacuum-sealed trays in the water for 20 minutes or until thawed

Once the meals are thawed, reheat as directed above. Serve and enjoy!


Do You Heart Bacon?

petes paleo baconNot only do we offer pre-made meals, but we've got bacon too! We sell our bacon in 1 lb slabs so you can slice them as thin or as thick as you desire. Our Pete's Paleo bacon is free of sugar, nitrates, or nitrites. It's dry cured with salt, herbs and spices and cold smoked for two days. This ain't your typical store-bought bacon. Order some today!