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Words From The “Real Food” Community

Sean Croxton (Underground Wellness)
Dee-licious! I consider myself to be quite the connoisseur of all things bacon. And Pete’s Paleo Bacon is EASILY the most flavorful, melt-in-your-mouth piece of pig I’ve ever encountered. Slammin’!!

– Sean Croxton (Underground Wellness)

Mark Sisson (Author of The Primal Blueprint, publisher of
Whether Primal or Paleo, smart, convenient options are few and far between. Enter Pete’s Paleo: They ship fresh, gourmet, ready to eat meals directly to your house so you’ll always have a good meal, no matter what your schedule.

– Mark Sisson (Author of The Primal Blueprint, publisher of

Diane Sanfilippo (NC, NYT bestselling author of Practical Paleo and the 21-Day Sugar Detox)
The 21 Day Sugar Detox is great for your body in so many ways, but can be difficult for your life in just as many. Pete’s Paleo makes delicious, seasonal, ready to eat meals that strictly follow the 21 DSD program. It’s shipped directly to your door ready to go.

– Diane Sanfilippo (NC, NYT bestselling author of Practical Paleo and the 21-Day Sugar Detox)

JJ Virgin (CNS, NYT bestselling author of The Virgin Diet and The Virgin Diet Cookbook)
Pete’s Paleo bacon is my “crack.”

– JJ Virgin (CNS, NYT bestselling author of The Virgin Diet and The Virgin Diet Cookbook)

Dr Lauren Noel (Owner of Shine Natural Medicine, Host of Dr. Lo Radio)
I don’t know why someone would not do Pete’s Paleo! The food is beyond delicious, it’s healthy and seasonal, and it’s cheaper than buying food at a health food store. As a naturopathic doctor, I believe in food as medicine. And I believe that Pete’s Paleo provides healing in every meal.

– Dr Lauren Noel (Owner of Shine Natural Medicine, Host of Dr. Lo Radio)

Liz Wolfe, NTP (Author of Eat the Yolks and Skintervention Guide, publisher of
Pete’s Paleo meals have saved my gluten-free buns more times than I can count. They’re the holy trinity of mealtime: delicious, nutritious, AND fast. That’s second only to cold fusion in scientific circles.

– Liz Wolfe, NTP (Author of Eat the Yolks and Skintervention Guide, publisher of

Reviews from Our Customers



I tried another paleo delivery company’s pre-made Paleo meals which paled in comparison to yours. Keep up the good work!

Delicious & Time Saving

By Eric

I’m on my 5th consecutive week of meals and I’m loving it. The prepared meals have solved my whole dilemma with planning, shopping, and cooking. They are very delicious!

Excellent quality & Convenient!

By Dwayne

I heard about Pete’s Paleo from a friend and decided to try it. I work a crazy schedule so it’s hard to come home and decide what to cook for lunch or dinner. I found the solution with Pete’s!! Planning, shopping, and prepping was all solved with those little silver bags. It also has given me a variety that I couldn’t have even thought of having at home with different proteins and veggies. Pete’s goes above and beyond to ensure quality product at a great value is provided every time while keeping the menu exciting and new, so you never get bored with the meals. These meals have helped me establish a much better Paleo diet, with better portion control, variety of products and very tasty! Definitely will continue to buy from Pete’s and recommend to friends!

Fresh and delicious and easy to prepare

By Unknown

Great flavor and fresh items that taste awesome. I love the variety of items on the menu, they’re better than paleo restaurants in San Diego, and look forward to more.

Worth it!

By Unknown

I have been pleasantly surprised with the taste of the food! The portion size is perfect too, I don’t feel like I’m getting ripped off of my protein. Very convenient and a relief to know that I am getting good quality REAL food without having to go through the hassle of hours spent shopping and cooking for myself. The only request I have is for a label on all the packages (just a few of them are labeled) to specify what food is inside.

We are in love!

By Robin

We absolutely love the paleo delivery meals sent to us. Everything tastes amazing and we love the quality and mission behind Pete’s Paleo. Thank you for making healthy, sustainable eating easy!

Chef veggies.

By April T.

I order only the vegetables. The serving size is a good portion. I like the veggies I just think the potatoes are to hard I prefer soft potatoes but other than that I would definitely reorder again.

Worth Every Penny!!!

By Eric

To say I am not a cook is an understatement. So, my first 9 months of eating Paleo has been the same thing - EVERY DAY. George Forman grilled chicken, tomatoes and cucumber for Lunch and hard boiled eggs and veggies for Dinner. I have had more variety and taste in the last 9 days then I had in the last 9 months. Super tasty, perfect portions and I said...worth every penny!

Paleo eating made easy!

By Stevie

My second week of meals, and it just gets better and better. Food is so fresh too! Just knowing the care and passion going into these meals can be tasted! loooove the mustang bars and rickaroons! Best snacks ever!

First purchase

By Daniela

Pete’s Paleo San Diego meals are incredibly delicious and very creative recipes. Will consider purchasing more meals, although I am spacing out meals as I add fish to my diet

Amazing flavor and diversity of meals

By Jessica

I ordered the week of meals because we all know the beef/chicken and broccoli/sweet potato routine. With Pete’s Paleo you get duck, lamb, pork cheeks! It was super easy to heat in the skillet, super yummy and high quality. Also, low stress knowing I had a delicious healthy dinner waiting for me after a killer day at work and the gym. Worth it!


By Braden Sanford

I’ve tried a few local companies and recently tried Pete’s for the first time! WOW! I’m setting up automatic weekly ordering today.

Makes life a bit easier

By Christy

We have been liking all the meals. It is so nice to be able to just whip something up so fast and know that it is healthy. I would like to be able to order some extra veggies, but wowza, $56 it a bit steep for ten packs of veggies.

So glad I found Pete’s Paleo!

By Laura Finley

Love Pete’s Paleo! The food is delicious and the portions are spot on. I ordered the 1 Week of Meals and each of us in my family of 4 tried a different item at dinner. The Thyme Braised Lamb Shoulder was absolutely sublime. My 13yo son devoured the Bison Meatloaf in about 2 sec. I think I’ll be ordering double portions for him! My 15yo daughter had the Blackened Duck Breast and loved it. My husband had the Chicken Pibil which had wonderful flavor, but was a tad dry. (probably my fault heating it it up) The only reason I gave 4 instead of 5 stars is that it would be nice to be able to order some extras with the meal plan - like the Mustang Bar snack which was indescribably amazing! Probably good I could only get my hands on one, or I would have eaten 10. Can’t wait for next week’s delivery!!

Delicious, easy, perfect portions

By Pink Leopard

I am trying to maintain a gluten free, soy free, dairy free diet. As a single person, Pete’s Paleo has been perfect because the food is healthy, delicious, the right amount, quick to make, easy to clean up and ends up saving me money because I don’t eat out or throw any food from the fridge. A week’s worth of meals lasts me 2 weeks because I make my own breakfast, have Pete’s Paleo for lunch and then whip up a salad for dinner. Couldn’t be happier with the product or service!


By Paulita Biddle

I was a bit skeptical when I first received my order. After the first meal I knew that I had made the right decision. I’m on my third order now and the food just does not disappoint!!!

Pete The Paleo Genuis

By Dianne Campbell

Excellent food. It is very hard to find organic food prepared without sugar, wheat or gluten, never mind food that tastes great. You get both with Pete. I do freeze some of the meals when they arrive, and find that I have to manually keep track of the contents. For example, I frequently have weeks running into each other. I keep the lists that come with each shipment, but after awhile I might have two bags in the freezer that say #5 but from which weeks? Please put a week number on each bag, or colored labels, or anything that will help me identify contents.


By Melinda Piercy

I am a big fan of the Paleo way of eating! I think it is very beneficial for our bodies. And although I am a chef myself, I wanted to give Pete’s a try. Sometimes, I still do not have time to throw a paleo meal together. This is my answer! Food is tasty, fresh, innovative, and quick! Couldn’t be happier with Pete’s. Will definitely order again and tell all my friends!!

Fantastic food!

By Jessica

I was really a little hesitant to try ordering delivered meals online, but it is fantastic. The food is really delicious and so easy to prepare. The quantity of food is perfect as well. I use the 10 meals for lunch and dinner through the week. I’ve already lost a significant amount of weight combining this with exercise, and I feel satisfied after every meal. Thanks Pete!

AWESOME and super convenient!!!

By Sheila

These meals are perfect! I have been eating Paleo 2 years now and decided to try these for several reasons... 1) Learn portion control by eating meals already proportionate. 2) To try different foods. 3) To always have something on hand ready to eat for those days that are crazy busy. I was super impressed with the taste of these meals. I have loved everything I have tried. Thank you for making my life easier :)


By Unnown

I was skeptical about a delivery service for meals, but your company has exceeded my expectations! Delicious, paleo food, delivered to my door step, it doesn't get much better!

Great tasting food but a little small

By Unknown

I loved the flavors and the quality of the food. It was not enough food for a dinner.

Great for my busy life!!

By Sharon

Pre-prepped paleo meals are a tremendously helpful tool for my goal of weight loss and healthy eating. I keep them on hand for times when I can't cook or have no time for meal prep. I plan to continue ordering Pete's meals as needed to help me nourish myself and my family!

Really a great concept

By Unknown

Love the convenience of just heating and eating. My only complaint would be the veggies get mushy. Maybe undercook them so reheating doesn't turn them to mush. Always seasoned lovely though. My 2 year old and I can share a meal it's perfect and she loves the food too. I would definitely recommend. The snack are ok, haven't gotten any jerky though. Oh and the bacon is to die for.

Good High Quality - With Suggestions

By David S.

I love the concept of receiving these meals and for the most part they are excellent (The snacks are to die for). However, I do freeze all of the food upon arrival and find that the vegetables which are water based do not survive. I have learned to discard any vegetables which get soggy when frozen and thawed. I'd recommend that more vegetables be chosen which freeze well. I also am finding that it's a good idea to become familiar with good finishing sauces. Just cooking Duck and eating it isn't appetizing; but putting a good finishing sauce or salsa on vegetables or meat will add flavor and a feeling of satisfaction.

I'm never cooking again.

By Stephanie

Everything so far has been fantastic! Flavorful, healthy and 2 minutes of prep time which works perfectly with my hectic schedule. Pete... thank you for making a healthy lifestyle possible.

I like the food h4p>

By Unknown

Try it

Tasty, healthy and convenient food

By Heather

I am extremely pleased with my purchase - I have ordered from other paleo meal services but Pete's meals are more flavorful and fresh tasting than the others. Love getting a variety of organic vegetables along with the protein.

I am thrilled with my order!

By Jenny

I have been Paleo for about a year. When I recently fell ill, I decided to spoil myself and order 14 meals. It has not only saved me the stress of having to cook for a week, it is delicious! I can't say enough good things about Pete's. Thank you!

Great Food, Well Packaged, Could use Larger Portions of Veggies

By Chad

The food is great and the variety keeps it interesting. I agree with the reviewers who say it is convenient, high quality, and well prepared. I had one week of 14 meals with snacks. Unfortunately, it's not enough food for me. If I eat a large breakfast, two Pete's meals are not enough, even with snacks. The portion of protein is generous but the servings of vegetables are too small. I need a larger quantity of complex carbohydrates, especially on workout days. I would prefer an option to have one very large serving of one vegetable rather than two small servings of different vegetables. I wouldn't add more protein to the standard meal but I will add more veggies. I am Male, 39 years old, 6' 3", 190 lbs. I workout three days a week and average 700-900 calories per workout. The snacks are good and most people will be happy with them. They are mostly nuts and I am trying to reduce my intake of nuts because they can inhibit nutrient absorption. I wholeheartedly recommend Pete's to anyone who is on the fence about trying a this type of service. The food is great and the convenience is well worth the cost. If you need a lot of calories, you may need to supplement the meals with extra food.

Great gift for a new momma

By Tara

Several of my friends and I purchased a week's worth of meals for our out of town friend that just had a baby. I love knowing that this new momma is getting fed nourishing food and doesn't have to cook it herself this week. She said everything has been delicious so far. I'm very impressed and will keep this in mind for future gifts for new moms. Thank you for a great product!

Pregnancy Lifesaver

By Nichole T.

I am pregnant I found Pete's Paleo three weeks before my due date. This was such a great thing for me because I was having a hard time keeping up cooking nutritious food and starting to eat out often. Pete’s meals are healthy and delicious! These meals are so much better than what I can cook & the restaurants I was going to.

Tasty timesaver

By Bray

I love the convenience and the quality ingredients....Very tasty food. My only comment is that the food is understandably geared towards an adult palette...We ordered the family package and my younger kids are just not completely on board with all the choices/flavors...

omg yummy!

By Teresa L.

Perfectly seasoned & super easy !

Perfect for traveling/work

By Jaime

I travel around the US for work around once a month for a week. I have Celiac, and was getting tired of working with restaurants (and not fitting in my pants) - I often had cross contamination issues, lack of availability, and many other issues. I tried Pete's Paleo 1 -week meals on a whim, and honestly, probably the best decision I've made in a while. They taste better than what I cook at home, save the clients money, stress about food situations is at an all time low, and I feel physically better. I call them my space bags, and make my co-workers jealous when it's time to eat. Can't beat that. Worth every penny and more, and am completely grateful that I found this site.

Quality - Easy - Affordable - Delicious!

By Unknown

These are the best tasting and filling pre-made meals that I have tried. They make me not want to cook anymore!

Best Pre-made Meals

By Unknown

These are the best tasting and filling pre-made meals that I have tried. They make me not want to cook anymore!

DELiCIOUS, CONVENIENT, and Lost some weight

By Unknown

I really loved how fast it got here and how tasty each meal is. I even lost some weight too bc of the portion size and how healthy it was. My only dislike was the fact that it cost so much for customers ordering from across the country, but otherwise HIghly recommend for everyone.

Gratitude for Pete's Perfect Paleo Meals

By Shanna

This time we ordered hero size protein & no snack (yes we missed the treat a little...just made me make our own paleo chocolate chip cookies) It's perfect for my husband to share, break up into parts of breakfast or lunch or add to parts of home cooked dinners. THANK- YOU! It take's consistent effort to be well & stay well, and Pete's meals help to make the journey a bit more delicious!


By Anna

One word...AH-Mazing! I have been trying to balance working 9 hour days and being a mom to a 9 month baby eating habits were sub par. A coworker introduced me to Pete's Paleo and thought it would be a good fit to help me eat better during the work week. So glad I ordered. These meals are amazing. It's like having a personal chef preparing my meals for me. No hassle of shopping for the finest ingredients, prepping or slaving in the kitchen. I find myself excited for the next meal. Thanks Pete! You are a gem! You inspired me to order your cookbook to continue a healthier menu to carry on thru the weekends!

Busy, Busy

By Christen D.

I tried Pete's Paleo meal service recommended by my local crossfit gym. I'm a stay at home mom of three small children and run my own daycare for military families in my home as well. Finding time to shop, prep, and cook healthy delicious meals can be flat out impossible at times. Our house tends to get so busy, I often skip meals and just play catch up at the end of the day. These meals are so fast to prepare, and they're delish! They keep me right on track with my weight loss goals, and to living a healthier lifestyle for myself and my children. I don't feel a bit guilty investing in such a nutritious product. I've never given a review in my 30 years, but Pete's Paleo deserves a huge applause for their meal plans & their BACON!

The most flavor in any food Ive had delivered to my door ever! and the best for me!

By Unknown

Enjoy the moistness. The tender meat. The variety. Did not like pork kabobs Too dry and spicy. First minus I've experienced with your meals

Deliscious convenient clean whole food

By Mikki L.M.

Pete's creative and yummy food pairings create the perfect fallback for a busy schedule. My family can rely on clean seasonal local whole foods that are Unadulterated and nutrient rich, even when time is too tight for preparing and cooking at home.

Love this meal plan!

By Julie

I am so happy I decided to try the 10 meal plan - what a treat. But more than the food being delicious and giving me a 10 meal break from the kitchen, it has served to inspire me to cook a wider variety of animal proteins and to try more vegetables. I ordered the cookbook and can't wait to get it. See my full review here:

Unbelievably good!

By Unknown

I've tried meal delivery diets of all kinds, and hands down this is the best - quality, flavor, delivery (not a ton of useless packaging) and portion sizes. I actually have faith that I can stick to this plan!! Amazing - REAL food that tastes like real food; and true gourmet quality. Pete, I think I love you. :-)

Great Value!

By Sandra

The meals really saves me from stressing out! I order Pete's family meals when I have guests or family staying with us. We can have a full day at the beach, Sea World, Legoland and still come home to a healthy meal!

Great tasting healthy food!

By Bojan

I've been ordering the meals for 3 weeks now and there hasn't been a single dish where I didn't polish the plate. Even after several days of chilling in my fridge, each of these meals tastes like it had just been freshly cooked. The best part is that it only takes 5 minutes of prep.

Restaurant eating at home

By Pam H.

Never having ordered food online, delivered to my home, I wasn't sure what to expect. I have only eaten a few of this week's meals, but each one has been absolutely delicious. After a long day it is wonderful to come home, simply heat up the day's meal, and sit back and relax over a tasty dinner. It's like eating at a nice restaurant in the comfort of my own home!

Deliciously seasoned and perfectly cooked!

By Happy Campers

We just finished our first week of food and my husband couldn't wait to order the second week. I love the 2 veg to 1 protein servings. Each one was cooked perfectly so we could heat it up on the stove and not have overcooked meats. We were impressed with the variety of seasonings they were delicious! The packaging is great and you totally answered "how do we eat Paleo when camping this summer?"

Dude, I drive from mexico to get your food :)

By Mario F.

I placed a order last year and this year is much better super good.

Great, healthy, food!

By Unknown

We found Pete's while looking for a healthy option for meals after I went back to work from maternity leave. We get the family option(so we can have leftovers for lunch) and ship it to New Mexico. The family option actually gives us about 5 full meals. The food tastes yummy and is super easy to prepare. It has really been a life saver! I think our only complaint after 3 weeks is that it seems every box has pretty similar food in it. We get a lot of Barbecue and chili variations. This may be because we are out of state or because we order the family plan. So far it seems like we haven't gotten many of the other options they send out on the weekly list.

Pete's Paleo Rocks!

By MaryLou E.

I received my first order from Pete's Paleo last week and although I was concerned that the packages were on the warm side, all the meals were delicious. I was using another Paleo meal delivery service that delivered flash frozen meals. Their food was acceptable but the food at Pete's is fresh and delicious so I will be ordering from Pete's from now on. :)

Almost perfect

By Gloria L.

My first week of Paleo and for the most part I have been entirely satisfied. My one complaint was with my first meal. I found the poached pork uneatable due to the briney taste. The meals are tasty, the portions more than satisfactory.

Restaurant quality at home


While we haven't tried all the meals that were delivered, the ones we have are great. Meat was a little salty for my taste, but sides were amazing. Really wish there was a "double your side" option for more veg. Price for shipping is prohibitive for us, but I'm glad I tried the service and will ask for it as a gift in future. It's so hard to find high quality food that is easy and this really fit the bill for our GF/DF some Paleo family!

Exquisite treat

By M

Excellent food! Unfortunately the handling and shipping fees add up. We ordered the "hero" portions and are very happy with the quality and the quantity of meat, so thank you for that, although the sides are on the smaller size. It is more affordable than eating out for sure, yet definitely better and healthy - the food tastes delicious!

Convenient AND Delicious!

By Unknown

This is my first trip down Paleo lane. These meal are absolutely delightful and allow me to enjoy a beautiful meal without preparation. I was so surprised that I love duck! Thanks for making my Paleo journey a little bit easier and a lot more flavorful!

Perfect Portion Sized Meals

By Bina C.

I was very hesitant to start with Pete's Paleo, but I could not be happier that I did! It is SO easy to throw the two sides and the protein in a pan on the stove top and make a "stir-fry" for dinner. The last few meals I made I had enough left over for lunch! My only negative is the price of shipping. I know I am far from S.D. but I will have to watch the shipping costs. What a great product/service, thanks!

Thankful for Petes

By Susan S.

I use this to supplement my home cooking when life gets busy. Worth every penny :)

Saving Grace for me

By vintage_mck

I travel weekly for work and after 4 years of this am exhausted and trying to eat healthy was at the bottom of the priorities - these are delivered on Friday, I use them for lunches and dinners the following week and have made such a difference! I actually get home cooked meals on the road!!!

1st Trimester salvation

By Camzin

I've really been struggling to eat whole foods since week 5 of my pregnancy. Extreme morning sickness and food aversion contibuted to me eating processed foods, which contributed to the nausea and fatigue. It was an unpleasant cycle. Add that I couldn't stand the smell of really any cooking food and I wasn't able to each much at all.

Pete's Paleo has been my salvation. The food tastes and smells so good that I am able to eat foods I would've shunned previously. The reheating/warming process is so quick and simple that I can cook up my food without ruining my appetite, and best of all, I'm actually eating a balanced diet of good food again.

Thank you Pete's Paleo for making my first trimester just a little bit easier and more delicious.

Game changer

By Greg

I was ready to write a review about how great the steak I had last Friday was, but that wouldn't be fair because every one of the ten meals I've had so far was delicious. Coming from a "this week is pot roast" diet, I really enjoyed the variety of food too. The preparation process was easier than I expected, and the flavor of the food was consistently far beyond what I could produce myself. The packaging is also really convenient. I could keep going, but you get the point.