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Pete's Paleo Breakfast Bundle example meal with eggs, bacon, spinach

Pete's Paleo Breakfast Bundle

5 Meals - 8.5 oz. Portions
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Make your mornings that much easier, and healthier, with Pete's Paleo breakfast meals delivered to your door. Start your day right with a delicious balanced breakfast.

Sit back and enjoy a different seasonal breakfast menu, every week! Chef prepared breakfast meals delivered fresh to your door. Just reheat and serve.

Pete’s Paleo goes a step further. Not only does our menu change on a weekly basis with the seasons, but we also change that menu based on what our farmers grow and harvest out of the ground that very week we cook it. This means our meals are sustainable and more nutritious for you.

These meals are packed with 3.5 ounces of protein and 5 ounces of vegetables!

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Classically trained chef prepared Paleo meals in San Diego and Atlanta, delivered nationwide, fresh to your door!

Pete’s Paleo delivery caters to a wide array of customers from athletes to folks looking to lose weight—but the common denominator is that our customers all have the desire to nourish their bodies with healthy food, without spending all day in the kitchen.

Because Pete’s Paleo has kitchens in San Diego and Atlanta, we put a high importance on using seasonal ingredients. Pete takes pride in ensuring that each time a specific ingredient makes an appearance on our menu during its peak season, it’s treated differently—different spices and cooking methods—so that you’re not bored and everything tastes unique and fresh each week.

Speaking of each week, our Paleo delivery menu changes on a weekly basis. Since we are seasonally based, the menu will change for each week for a month straight, and then repeat for two months to round out the entire season.

This means if you order our Paleo delivery each week, you’ll only ever eat the same thing three times in a three month time period. Now that's variety.

Pete’s Paleo has direct relationships with our farms and ranches. We believe it’s important to know who is responsible for providing the food that we cook for each of you. We are cooking produce that was harvested out of the ground that day (sometimes the day before). Produce at the pinnacle of freshness means more nutrients for you.