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how we blow our competitors out of the water 

Let’s get real for a sec. Do you really have time to come home, mess with a box of ingredients and STILL cook the food? And don’t forget about clean up time!

Take it from us, we get it. You want to eat healthy, but don’t have the time.

Listen up. We’re here to help! We’ve already picked the best variety of the highest quality meat and produce; along with amazing spices and seasonings from around the world that are 100% Paleo, organic, pastured and grass-fed.

Plus, we already cooked it for you.

Literally, pull a Mrs. Doubtfire – heat up our pre-packaged meals and serve. That’s it! You’re welcome. 


We started Pete’s Paleo delivery nationwide to bring seasonal, fine dining to everyone. Pete’s Paleo San Diego was the original kitchen and we have most recently launched in Atlanta. What this means for us is access to a greater supply of locally sourced, high quality ingredients (read: organically grown, grass-fed, pastured, etc) and for you it means quicker and cheaper delivery!

Paleo, it turns out is getting the freshest ingredients, grown and raised properly, from as close a source as possible. Sound familiar? Great food and Paleo are one and the same.

At Pete’s Paleo we chase flavor, and nutrition is a bonus. We don’t write the menus, our farmers and ranchers do. With a team of chefs to help me, we take whatever vegetables and cuts of meat that come in our kitchen and cook it for our customers, fresh each week. Using the same principles, methods and recipes from my time in fine dining restaurants we ship amazing Paleo meals, fresh, to your door.

Life is nuts and we are here to help. If you have stumbled upon this page, there is a good chance your head is still spinning from your trip down the rabbit hole that got you here.

“The food pyramid was completely wrong?”

“Whole grains are bad for me?”

“You don’t need milk to get calcium?!”

Breathe. Yes, most of what we learned growing up about fat being bad and grains being good is all pretty much nonsense. But a good diet and your diet probably aren’t as far apart as you think, especially when you are a Pete’s Paleo customer.

Our kitchen has over 40 years of combined experience at the sous chef level and higher; we scour Southern California and the South East for the best stuff, from the coolest farmers and ranchers. Then we take our years of experience and make amazing, delicious, healthy meals, vacuum sealed for freshness and to enhance flavor, package them in specially designed shipping containers so that it will arrive fresh at your door whether you’re in Seattle, Las Vegas, Des Moines, NYC or Orlando.

Pete’s Paleo boxes for Paleo
 delivery San Diego, Paleo delivery Atlanta, and nationwide

There was a large demand for Paleo in San Diego, so Peter and Sarah decided to start the best Paleo food delivery business right here in America’s Finest City. Paleo delivery from San Diego and Atlanta benefits not only our customers because they get an enormous amount of varied produce but also the local community because we can support San Diego and Atlanta farmers and ranchers. While the number of Paleo restaurants in San Diego and Paleo restaurants in Atlanta has been steadily growing, our paleo meal delivery service allows people all over the country to enjoy paleo delivery San Diego style: meaning organic, seasonal, non-GMO, fresh and most importantly, varied!

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